Are Personal Trainers the new health hazard?


Health clubs have been invaded by “qualified” personal trainers… is your money being well spent?


Recently I came across a flyer at a local gym offering a personal training certification course. As I read the details, it explained that it was a $750 uno day, 14 hr course & abra kadabra (I googled the spelling) you’re a trainer. Most basic certifications take a couple months to study and then you take an exam. You also have to re take a test every couple years to keep current standing, unless you have some sort of degree. I personally feel a great trainer needs some schooling, a basic cert & plenty of hands on training under their belt.

Ive been inside many gyms across the country & I’ve noticed “qualified” personal trainers training their clients poorly, un enthusiastically & scientifically questionable. I believe the motto “you can be anything you want to be” has gone a little too far in our society, especially with our current prezuhdent. Besides the obvious lack of training methods shown, I’ve noticed no passion or creativity in their work. Like I previous mentioned, where’s the enthusiasm?


As someone who(m) has worked in corporate health clubs, the blame cant all be put on the trainers. These clubs don’t always pay a respectable wage or show respect to the real qualified trainers, which is why “qualified” trainers tend to stick around & are quickly disposable. Sales sales sales is all some clubs only focus on & don’t care what trainers they have to make quota. Ive heard club members mock the new trainers stating “they wont be here long” due to the obvious turn over rate. I really hope health clubs take a newer approach on how to address this issue.. if you need some tips, call me maybe🎶?

Now You may have a really nice, friendly & verbally enthusiastic trainer, but what is their lack of education & experience costing you? Wasted time? Wasted money? Even injuries? One of my biggest pet peeves is when I see a trainer use the same workouts with back2back clients. Save those routines for a group class setting, this is PERSONAL training after all.


Here are some tips I recommend you ask before handing a club your credit card.
1.ask what education/credentials the trainers have
2.years of experience
3.client success stories
4.why they chose this field

Ultimately its up to you to make sure you get the trainer you deserve to help you with your fitness journey. You are worth the best if you are willing to put in the effort.

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