5K Prep For Beginners

A 5k run is an on average 3.2 mile at your own pace cardio exercise. For casual or non-runners, this task may kick in anxiety & lack of confidence however prepping for this obstacle physically & mentally can be extremely rewarding.


There are many 5k events throughout Chicago and the rest of the country, most being linked to a charitable cause. The best reward, however, is how you will feel once you accomplish crossing the finish line. There are a few steps to take to prepare you for your 5k events.

My first LPZ 5K 2009Β 


First Step: The first step is signing up! Setting the official goal helps with motivation and self-accountability. For extra motivation & accountability have a friend join in. I participate in the Lincoln Park Zoo 5k every year with friends & love the excitement of it all.
Second Step: Now its time to build stamina! Slowly building up to a 5k distance with practice & pace setting. Four weeks is enough time to achieve this for most. Each week train for 3 days, while gradually adding further distance. You can follow my advice below!


Third Step: Building strength & lungpower! Running on an incline on a treadmill, outside going uphill & springing intervals will help you be a better competitor come race day. 5ks are mostly done outdoors where the pavement is hard and unpredictable, unlike a treadmill. So make sure you practice on different types of paths & pavements. Adding sprinting intervals will also help your lungs become stronger for distance running.

LPZ 5K 2011

Sprinting Intervals: Start at a jogging pace for .5 miles then sprint as fast as you can until max. Bring it down to a brisk walk for .5 miles then repeat 4-5 times. You can do this once a week adding to or on one of your training days.
Now you are prepared physically for your 5k run! Hopefully by now your confidence & anxiety have been improved and you are fully prepared for the event. Make sure to get a good nights rest, wake up and have a light healthy breakfast and stretch before the shoot the starting gun!



LPZ 5K 2019


2 thoughts on “5K Prep For Beginners

  1. I’m so happy to see how far you’ve come and the way you’re sharing all you’ve learned! πŸ™ŒπŸΌπŸ€—

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    1. GUNzalez πŸ’ͺ🏼 July 18, 2018 — 5:11 am



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