Cognitive Behavioral Therapy





CBT is a time-sensitive, structured, in the moment oriented, psychotherapy used for solving negative self ideologies. CBT Activities give you skills & tools to modify this negative thinking & behavior.


Negative thinking not only makes us more depressed & fills us with self-doubt, it also effects our physical health. Science has proved positive & negative energy is real..THE ENERGY IS REAL BRO!.. & it effects everything around us. Our thoughts literally effect our physical fitness.

Even if its only a few minutes or hours, CBT can get you through challenging obstacles, and one of these major moments is the GYM!


A lot of times, I have to be my own cheerleader and talk myself into getting my workout accomplished. Feeling others are judging me, self-doubt, “I’m too thin”, “too fat”, anxiety ect.. We all know that drill. Using CBT techniques can get us all through this mental obstacle to conquer the physical.

Personal CBT Techniques I utilize

Audio Mind Relaxation
Positive Sef-Talk
Eating a Healthy Meal
Beach Moments


Here’s a link to CBT Handouts for more methods and activities


Those handouts & exercises help you realize the problem, where the problem eternalized from, how this mentally and physically effects you, and how to fix this issue with healthy & positive workout techniques.

When you’re at the gym, think positive! Remind yourself why you’re there. Remember the amazing feeling you have when you accomplish a great workout. Think of the short term & long term rewards. We deal with enough stress as human beings in today’s world. Physical activity is one of the things we have control over to help us get through it all.

Stay Active. Stay Healthy. Stay Self Empowered !

we all get knocked down, that’s the easy part. Getting back up is the challenge & CBT can help you conquer it. You’re worth it bc you’re here & you’re here for a reason.

Visit Grab Magazine  or pick up a copy Tuesday August 7th, for a beach workout I designed to fit into your CBT activities.


1 thought on “Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

  1. Love how you incorporating more than physical health into your training. Kudos! Holistic approach. And providing this knowledge to your clients is beneficial to everyone.


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