Natasha Douglas: All Hail The Queen

Joey Kiening ,aka Natasha Douglas, is a Queens Queen. Professional, Successful & Dedicated to the art-form of drag/female impersonation. Natasha is an award winning hair stylist by day & respected queen by night, being a former Miss Continental Plus. However, the road to success wasn’t an easy one. Struggling with weight, home life & substance abuse, Natasha has overcame many obstacles to be where she is today.

Natasha, a Chicago native, stands in at 6ft4. Since a young kid, she has struggled with her weight. Suffering from depression & anxiety at a young age, Natasha would find comfort by hiding in her parents basement, and a lot of times with food. Although there was some peace in this, her father was emotionally abusive, wanting little Joey to be more man like. Teaching him how to walk, talk and overall present himself, Natasha’s father was persistent with wanting to turn Joey into a man. Joeys weight was also a topic of ridicule, “If you’re overweight you’re gonna have problems ” his father once said.

“I was born to be an entertainer”


One night, a teenage Natasha was able to sneak into the world famous Baton Lounge. Here is where she fell in love with the art of female impersonation. Entertainers like Mimi Marks, Chili Pepper & Victoria Paige, inspired her so much that she would study pageant dvds and national programs. She knew this was her destiny. “I wanted to be just like them” she told TheLeeGonzalez.

However that destiny was put on hold. At 19 Natasha’s depression and anxiety led her to drug addiction. It took some years of struggling, but Natasha is now celebrating over 10 years of sobriety. This time of sobriety has helped her reach success personally & professionally. In 2016 Natasha won Miss Continental Plus. This prestigious international pageant, is specifically for entertainers 225 lbs plus. Some categories include gown, talent & interview.

“ It was a very surreal moment..a part of me became complete


With all the great things happening is Natasha’s life, food addiction was her first addiction & the one she hadn’t yet fully addressed. This was next on her list of obstacles to take control of. Intense workouts and healthy nutrition eventually helped Natasha lose over 60 lbs. “You are what you eat” Natasha told me as she explained her new changed habits. Mentally and physically, working out helps her with the anxiety and depression shes dealt with since childhood. Group classes and the endorphin rush, gives her the competitive environment she loves from doing pageants.

“I knew there was something missing


What’s next for Natasha? In two weeks, Natasha Douglas, Miss Continental Plus 2016 will compete for Ms Continental 2018. This pageant doesn’t have the weight specifics like Plus, but it seems to be geared more towards the thinner, fashion forward, red carpet…lets just say it, thinner girls. Natasha did not lose the weight to enter this pageant, she changed her lifestyle for herself. However, all of this led to another chance to reign supreme.

Natasha’s prides herself on the successful year she had with the title of Miss Continental Plus. The passion, dedication & determination is instilled in her to achieve it again. She really loves and respects the organization & entertainers past and present. She really is a queens queen.

“I feel like its my purpose”



After the competition Natasha plans to focus more on traveling. She plans on using yoga as a way to maintain her physical and mental state, and continued guidance for her drag daughters, Lady SinAGaga & Edna D Mascara….

TheLeeGonzalez would like to thank Natasha for this interview & wishes continued success in both personal & professional aspects of life.

“When you’re green, you grow” 




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