Runners: This Is Why You’re Still Fat

🏃‍♀️ Running 🏃  is Americas most popular exercise, additionally it’s the worlds most overweight country. There are many reasons why people stick to running as their main form of exercise, and TheLeeGonzalez is here to help break the mold.


Initially you will see some weight loss from running alone, but only if you’re not already a dedicated exerciser. It’s easy for a newcomer who changes their diet & exercise to see some results, but quickly they get discouraged bc the weight loss slows down. Running is a repetitive motion that our body adapts to, and over time the same amount of running will burn fewer and fewer calories. There is a quick fat burning plateau, which is why we see overweight people running marathons (kudos btw). 

“I don’t wanna bulk up” is a catch phrase I hear often, mostly from women who fear looking masculine & men who have no idea how to really utilize the gym. But fear not, we’ve got you covered. Losing weight on diet and running alone, only makes you a smaller version of yourself ,“skinny Fat”, while lifting weights truly transforms your body without “bulk”.


Running Vs Weight Training



Running causes more injuries than any other exercise, bc it doesn’t strengthen your body, bones & muscles like weight training does(your upper body is completely left out). On average, for every 100 hours of running you will sustain 1 injury & 5-10% of your workouts will be missed due to injury, per year.


Weight training can prevent and reverse bone loss



Muscle tissue burns more calories. Which is why weight training, in junction with multi-muscle groups, is the best way to burn fat & strengthen our body. As you tear muscles working out, it requires calories to repair, which keeps the body working long after a workout. At rest, 10 pounds of muscle burns 50 calories a day vs 10 pounds of fat, which only burns 20 calories. So even when you’re not working out, having more muscle than fat continues to benefit you (something not achieved from running alone).




Running does have its benefits. It’s great for your heart & helps endurance, but keep it to a minimum if fat loss and total body strength/transformation is your goal. 

Tip: 3,500 calories = 1 pound , retain this number while keeping track of calorie intake to help lose weight. 

2 thoughts on “Runners: This Is Why You’re Still Fat

  1. This article definitely opens my mind to why running doesn’t show the results I hoped for. I have no knowledge on strength training and i don’t know how start a workout guide for myself. Im glad I can across. Thank you for the read, I’m just hoping I can get more information on strength training. Would the calorie intake differ from person to person ?


    1. Check out my other articles, some of them touch on that. I also have Grab Archive which has a lot of workouts that would apply to ST 💪🏼💜


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