35% Hydrogen Peroxide Cures Everything?

Can Cancer, flu viruses (corona), Lyme Disease, Skin issues, Mental Health and other diseases be cured by 35% Food Grade Hydrogen? A few weeks ago I stumbled upon a video & decided to press play. Little did I know one of best topics ever was about to be presented to me. 35% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide can cure almost everything?

Watch this video before continuing

▶️ YouTube Video ◀️



That video completely caught my attention and I needed more information. I’ve attached a PDF link to the book mentioned in the video below.

📖  One Minute Cure  📖


I continued to research and I watched the following video from a woman who personally has tried this therapy & she gives a really good testimony.

▶️ YouTube Video◀️


I looked into this for days before finally ordering my own 35% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide and picked up Distilled Water (pictured below).


I want to start today (11-28-18) by trying the skin remedy and possibly the inhaling treatment. I will update this as soon as I start, and most likely will post a video of me personally using it. So continue researching for yourself and let me know on FaceBook your thoughts etc. Also when I do update this I will inform you in why I personally want to try this and what I want to treat.



UPDATE  5-7-19




Final thoughts video 2-18-19

This is a quick video on how I feel about this detox and what I experienced. Feel free to watch the process videos below this one, or not its your life. I do see the benefits of this detox I def recommend you researching more on your own before trying it. 




Update 11-29-18

I feel like crap today, which is why i left out a lot out of the video but i got the main idea across and how to make a spray form. 






Update 11-30-18

I decided to start ingesting the drops this morning in distilled water. I used one drop at 6am and another 1 drop at noon. My sore throat went away which is amazing but i have a fever so thats why i decided to start drinking it. Heres the basic chart most go by, I however am starting slower which is completely fine. go at your own pace.


Update 12-4-18 

Day 6 of drinking H202. Today I have had 3 drinks with 6 drops each. 







Update 12-10-18

today im up to 12 drops a drink. Im feeling great! mentally the best in years! physically so far so good.






Update 12-20-18

Up to 24 drops today. I feel great! 




1 thought on “35% Hydrogen Peroxide Cures Everything?

  1. Can you post a link to where you ordered yours?


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