35% Hydrogen Peroxide Cures Everything?

Can Cancer, flu viruses (corona), Lyme Disease, Skin issues, Mental Health and other diseases be cured by 35% Food Grade Hydrogen? A few weeks ago I stumbled upon a video & decided to press play. Little did I know one of best topics ever was about to be presented to me. 35% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide can cure almost everything?

Watch this video before continuing

▶️ YouTube Video ◀️



That video completely caught my attention and I needed more information. I’ve attached a PDF link to the book mentioned in the video below.

📖  One Minute Cure  📖


I continued to research and I watched the following video from a woman who personally has tried this therapy & she gives a really good testimony.

▶️ YouTube Video◀️


I looked into this for days before finally ordering my own 35% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide and picked up Distilled Water (pictured below).


I want to start today (11-28-18) by trying the skin remedy and possibly the inhaling treatment. I will update this as soon as I start, and most likely will post a video of me personally using it. So continue researching for yourself and let me know on FaceBook your thoughts etc. Also when I do update this I will inform you in why I personally want to try this and what I want to treat.



UPDATE  5-7-19




Final thoughts video 2-18-19

This is a quick video on how I feel about this detox and what I experienced. Feel free to watch the process videos below this one, or not its your life. I do see the benefits of this detox I def recommend you researching more on your own before trying it. 




Update 11-29-18

I feel like crap today, which is why i left out a lot out of the video but i got the main idea across and how to make a spray form. 






Update 11-30-18

I decided to start ingesting the drops this morning in distilled water. I used one drop at 6am and another 1 drop at noon. My sore throat went away which is amazing but i have a fever so thats why i decided to start drinking it. Heres the basic chart most go by, I however am starting slower which is completely fine. go at your own pace.


Update 12-4-18 

Day 6 of drinking H202. Today I have had 3 drinks with 6 drops each. 







Update 12-10-18

today im up to 12 drops a drink. Im feeling great! mentally the best in years! physically so far so good.






Update 12-20-18

Up to 24 drops today. I feel great! 




2 thoughts on “35% Hydrogen Peroxide Cures Everything?

  1. Can you post a link to where you ordered yours?


  2. Good evening…my name is Matt. How are you? I hope everything is going great in this 2021 year. I had a few questions. I’m looking to better my health in the best way possible. I recently purchased the Jutrian Rx product from the Guardian of Eden company which is food grade hydrogen peroxide with amino acids and colloidal silver and gold. I have not tried it yet but what I wanted to ask was…seeing as how there is so much great evidence…will it make a major difference in my health? I have been having some sluggish metabolism problems as of late…I guess Ive been stressed out after losing some family members as a result of Covid 19. I’ve tried implementinh the principles of the alkaline diet…like fresh fruits and veggies…you know the lymph movers to clean the lymphatic system like what Dr. Sebi and Dr. Robert Morse talk about. I’ve had some decent results but I guess I have to keep going. Could this in conjunction with the h2o2 make a major difference? I have always been the type of individual to hear different points of view and then draw the conclusion. I look forward to hearing back from you. If you have any specific suggestions or any other essential information you can refer me to…I would greatly appreciate it. 🙂 I’m very interested in getting as much information as possible…if you can…feel free to get in touch with me at my number…it’s 626 482 1463 in the afternoons. This is of the highest importance to me and my family. I want 2021 to be a successful year of health for my family, myself and everyone. Thank you very much. God bless you. 🙂


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