New Year Who Dis? 10 Tips For Keeping Your Resolutions



Make New Years Resolutions Great Again…by sticking with them!  Health & Fitness are the #1 resolutions homosapiens make at the beginning of each New Year who dis?! As a fitness professional I find this to be amazing, however 90% fail their attempts come Spring. Why you may ask? Well you’ve stumbled upon a great article to help you understand and achieve your own personal resolution. 

Many attempt to change their lifestyle changes all at once, which most of the time doesn’t work. Sometimes just after a few days, weeks/months we become aggravated, stressed, other human emotions and we tend to go to the extreme opposite while failing. Sometimes we just slowly get back into our old habits. The following 10 tips contain useful information for your fitness, health & soul. You’re welcome.


  1. Start by changing 1 meal a day to a complete healthy option. I start my day with 3 hardboiled eggs and water.  If I need more I can throw in a banana & protein shake. Over time you can gradually change your daily meals to be completely healthy. This way it becomes part of who you are and not a forced mentality.


  1. While dining out, eat your food in this order: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly. The good being veggies, fruits & lean protein. The bad being the table bread, chips and buttered out potatoes. The ugly being dessert, do you really need that dessert tho?


  1. Replace all desserts with fruit! My best friend is a world famous pastry chef, so I understand the desire for amazing sweets.. BUT, for me I get the same satisfaction from eating Pineapple. Try eating fruit first b4 diving in the sweets.


  1. You need to workout at least 3 hours a week. This isn’t an option, it’s a need. You are a human being, not a robot.  Make time! Email me for training <smiley face>


  1. Stretch! After a 5-minute warm up or at the end of a workout, take time to stretch your muscle groups. You can meditate, deep think, and listen to soft music or prayer.


  1. Soda, sports drinks & flavored soda water are all crap, and some are killing you. This is an important lifestyle change all of us need to make. Water is the key to all life, we need it, plants need it & animals need it. Would you water your garden in the spring with those drinks? So why water your body with it?


  1. Turn off the TV and Internet for a while. I personally only watch Drag Race; otherwise I’m never in front of the TV. Reading more, writing, or watching documentaries that help your mind/soul can help you keep on a greater path in 2019.


  1. Cook at home more often, and shop at local markets. Cooking at home is cheaper than eating out and that’s a fact. I shop at a local Mexican Market, the meat/poultry and veggies are low cost and fresh! If you don’t know how to cook, then watch a YouTube video. You don’t have to pay for classes. A pineapple cost 1-2$ at the market vs. 5$ in a plastic container with half the fruit. I told you I love pineapple lol.


  1. Recycle/Buy Less. Taking the time to recycle really does make me feel better about all the plastic and containers I buy/use on a weekly basis. This also fits in the buy less category. Look at the clothes you have and other household items. Before purchasing ask yourself if you really need this, or if you can get it a second hand shop. Constantly buying new & not recycling is killing our environment, animals & sweatshop workers. Do this for your soul & the world!


  1. Re-read steps 1-9, seriously those are great tips non-binary bruh! Changing lifestyle habits and sticking with them is easier than it seems. Just remember why you’re doing it and the importance of it. Overtime you’ll see the results, feel better and want to change more habits.


“With food, If it was once alive, it will keep you alive” – Lee 

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