Build Testosterone Naturally

Lift, Sprint & Eat your way to natural higher testosterone levels!


Testosterone is a hormone that helps increase lean muscle mass, strong dense bones & overall is crucial for great health. After the age of 30, more so 35, men start losing an average of 2/3% of testosterone naturally. Low testosterone levels lead to depression, low sex drive, obesity, low energy & osteoporosis. Men with low testosterone also have higher chances of heart disease. Other issues include estrogen levels rising and muscle atrophy (loss of muscle).


Eating the right healthy foods and workouts can help you naturally gain the testosterone levels your body needs. Multi-joint exercises, specifically large muscle groups, and lifting heavy are the best ways to boost up the test production. The more muscles incorporated in the workout and the heavier you go, the better the results your building of natural testosterone will be.


I recommend having a 3/4 max rep on each workout performed. For example, if you’re doing a bench press, the weight will be heavy enough to where you can’t perform more than 4 repetitions. This helps maximize your body’s effort in building test. Large muscle groups should be targeted more. Back & legs are perfect for this. One of the best exercises is the dead-lift. Other great workouts include chest press & seated shoulder press, because you’re able to lift more. Each exercise should be performed with 5 sets with the max of 4 reps each.


Sprints are another way to help build testosterone naturally. Sprinting at max speed can usually only be performed for up to 15 seconds. It requires 100% of effort to fully be effective. Because the intensity is so strong, testosterone is able to build naturally at great levels. I recommend doing 10 sets of all out sprints. Try to last around 10 seconds at full speed. Take 2 minutes break between each set.


Foods with great amounts of Vitamin D, K, Zinc & Magnesium are amazing with testosterone production. Foods like spinach, eggs & shellfish are effective test building sources. Eating enough protein is also important, while cutting down bad fats, sugar and high carbs. Start being cautious of what you eat and how much, add in heavy lifting exercises & occasional sprints to build that toxic masculinity body of your dreams, naturally!




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