Tempo Workout: Slow Down Papi

54F52A05-1CC1-41AA-BE0F-8223C1A383DA.jpegFeel like you’ve plateaued at the gym? 🤔 

Whenever I get asked how someone can change up their gym routine, my go to answer is usually changing the tempo. Tempo action workouts helps with muscle fatigue and clears out lactate build up*. It also helps with your VO2Max (your body’s ability to take in oxygen and use it to make energy in the muscles.)

*Lactic acid is built during intense workouts. The build up of lactic acid breaks down muscles and makes them sore, cramp and lowers your energy. Switching the tempo of your workouts, along with plenty of water a day, helps rid your body of this.


Muscle confusion sets in once you’ve been training the same over a long period of time. Performing the same routine stagnates your progress, and your body has now adapted to it. Switching the tempo of your workout wakes up the “brain in your muscles” and it recognizes you’re doing something knew. It will then take time to adjust to this and will greatly help your progress in strength and hypertrophy (muscle building).

Switching your tempo is simple to do, however you will need to lower the weight. I recommend the 6 2 1 tempo to really utilize an optimum tempo workout. Each rep will be 8 seconds, 6 seconds coming down, 2 holding & 1 back to starting position.

Bicep Curl:


Most curls are usually done in 1 second, however with this tempo exercise, take 6 seconds to complete the curl. Hold for 2 seconds, then release back down in 1. 6 up, 2 hold, down 1.


Smith Machine Lunges:


Remove the latch and come down into the lunge, taking 6 seconds to perform. Hold the position 2 seconds then come back up for 1. Repeat for desired reps.


Chest Incline:


Come down to a fist length above upper chest, taking 6 seconds to perform. Hold the position for 2 seconds, then come back up for 1. Repeat for desired reps.

Now you should have a good idea on how to utilize this tempo for your exercises. I know its hard to break our routine, but try this out and I promise you’ll see the effects, you’re welcome.💪🏼😃

Lee Gonzalez-Obsessed Fitness

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  1. Good Stuff!!💪🏾💪🏾


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