Step Machine WarmUP: Burn 100 Calories in 700 Steps!



I designed this warm up utilizing the step machine, and I really love it! I perform this warm up 3X a week. It targets all angles to really unify and engage all the muscles of the legs. The warm up is 700 steps all together, 100 each direction. You can watch the step count on the screen to let you know where your’e at step wise….lets dive in!

0-100 Steps

Regular 100 steps, feet forward. The beginning stages of warming up your leg muscles for this exercise and continuous. 


100-200 Steps

Right Side. 100 Steps. Stepping up sideways helps focus and target outer thighs.


200-300 Steps

Left Side Steps. 100 Steps.


300-400 Steps

Backward Steps. 100 Steps. Just like doing reverse lunges, walking backwards will help activate and engage the leg muscles. 


400-500 Steps

Cross Leg Steps. 100 Steps. Focuses on Inner Thighs. When you take a step up, cross in front of your other leg…You will really feel it in your inner thighs. 


500-700 Steps

Skip A Step. This will count as 200 on the counter, but technically its 100 steps. Skipping a step so you have depth will really give you a great rep on those legs. If you walk up stairs at the gym, practice always skipping a step, this will really help define our legs. 


And you’re done! This warm up will take on average 12-15 minutes, depending on your pace, and burns on average 100 calories!  If you want to turn this into a workout, repeat sets 3-4 times 💪🏼💜 – Lee Gonzalez 


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