GRAB: Ultimate Burpees (Video)


Agility, Coordination, and Strength were three things the United States Armed Services looked for when conducting fitness test at recruiting centers for WWII. They adopted the BURPEE test, from Physiologist Royal H. Burpee. It’s a full body, aerobic exercise that uses quick and repetitive actions.

The original burpee is done in 4 elements. Starting in standing position, coming down into a low squat. Then quickly kicking feet back straight behind you, returning back into squat position, and coming back up. Simple, effective and tiring!


One thing I love about being a Personal Trainer is the ability to use creativity in workouts I design.  I set out to create the ultimate burpee for my clients, and the bosu ball was definitely the tool I wanted to incorporate. Using this tool helps keep your body centered while performing the modified burpee. Up for the challenge? Get into it below!  (Visit for a video to see me performing this exercise properly)

  1. Standing holding the bosu ball slam air side it into the ground, then quickly raising it above your head.
  2. Come down into squat position, while holding onto the sides of the bosu kick legs straight back.
  3. Perform Push Up.
  4. Core: Take right knee to the outside of your right elbow, then inside to your left elbow. Repeat with left knee.
  5. Jump in back into squat position.
  6. Jump up with bosu above your head.
  7. Repeat

Watch this quick clip to see Lee performing it correctly 💪🏼💜


You can incorporate this exercise into your workout for timed sets (1 min each set) or certain reps/sets (10 reps 4 sets). 

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