💪🏼The Bicep (biceps brachii) is Latin for “two-headed muscle of the arm”. The Bicep Curl is one of the most popular exercises, however its also one of the most incorrectly performed exercises as well. The Biceps is made up of two muscles, the long head & short head. Both can be targeted for amazing GUNZ. In this article I’mgoing to show you the exercises I perform for my GUNzalez biceps!


To do a bicep curl correctly, your form and extension needs to be legit. Do not use body swings aka momentum to do your curls, and you need to extend your elbow just before joint lock (do no lock your joints). If you cheat bc you want to look cool holding more weight, you’re not going to get the results you want to take awesome selfies…and that’s what’s really important. There are many exercises you can perform for the two-bicep heads; the following are some of my favorites I personally perform!


Chin Ups: While doing these, make sure to bend your elbows to curl you up, don’t swing your body up 😡. Get your chin above the bar and extend back down/repeat until exhaustion.


Concentration Curls: With this exercise, you rest your elbow/tricep on your inner thigh. Perform the curl correctly and slowly. While extending down never lock the joint. 


Reverse Grip Bar Curls: These are great for building bigger biceps!  Do these slower than a normal curl as your grip/muscles aren’t used to this position. Go with lighter weight and then slightly build up.


Bench Hammer Curls: Hammer Curls are awesome, and they’re more effective if used on a bench. This helps prevent you from using momentum and really focusing on the bicep. BC the hammer curl has a different wrist position, it helps with your overall fully concentrated bicep workout.

I prefer doing 4 sets of each and max out around 8 reps. If toning is more your goal, max out around 12/13 reps.







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