🇺🇸“Knowing is half the battle” and we’re on the brink of World War 3! In honor of elite war games, this article is dedicated to just that. If drafted, would you be able to pass a standard United States Military Fitness Exam?


🇺🇸 There are five branches of the United States Military, soon six with “Space Force” lol. As you enter a branch, you have to complete basic training which includes a strict fitness test and repeat every six months after completion.

🇺🇸 I’ve researched the standard fitness exams for each of the five branches of our military. Some have multiple test. There’s a point system that must be reached with certain exams and there’s different requirements for age groups. Below are some basic requirements, plus links to FULL & multiple exam details. let’s dive in!


7B931701-1205-4850-BB60-B39B69D6E2D0The US Marine Corps has the toughest exam of all branches. The PTF standard exam has 3 exercises worth 100 points each. A minimum of 40 points each exercise, amounting to 120 points is required. Participants can opt out of pull-ups for push-ups. 





Three-Mile Run:

For more information visit Marine Corps Physical Fitness Test


In October 2020 The Army Combat Fitness Test will replace the following basic requirements.

  • 2-Mile timed run
  • Push-Ups 2 min
  • Sit-Ups 2 Min
  • Deadlifts


  • 450m swim
  • 2-Minute push-ups 

The Navy allows it’s active duty sailors to choose between the 1.5-mile run or 500yd or 450m swim in the Navy Physical Readiness Test  . If you are attending boot camp, the Naval Academy or any Navy ROTC program, you must run as the swim is not an option until you have graduated from your basic training or officer training program. The Navy Physical Fitness Test consists of 2-minute push-ups, 2-minute sit-ups, and 1.5-mile run or 500yd/450m swim.

🇺🇸Air Force🇺🇸D8F72111-8E5F-43A2-AF97-8D94E2341165

  • Timed crunches
  • 5 mile timed run
  • Push-ups 1 min

For further Air Force Fitness details, visit The Air Force Physical Fitness Test

🇺🇸Coast Guard🇺🇸

  • Push-ups 1 minute
  • Sit-ups 1 min
  • 1.5 mile timed run

For further Coast Guard Fitness details, visit The Coast Guard Fitness Exam

🇺🇸There’s also The Service Academy Fitness Assessment (CFA) that has their own entrance exam for certain branches. These exercises include;

  • Kneeing Ball Throw
  • 120ft Shuffle
  • Cadence pull-ups


Alright BROz how would you measure up!? How many push-ups & sit-ups can you do in 1 minute? How would you do in a timed mile run? 🇺🇸

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