Cash Me Outside How Bout Dat !?!



No Gym? No Problem!

The past few weeks have been pretty rough on us regular gym goers, especially the ones that stick to a heavy weight-lifting regimens like myself. All gyms have been officially closed, until the government wants to stop playing martial law and instilling fear into society. BUT its all good, we can overcome their games and stay strong for ourselves. First thing I knew I had to do was to stay active during this time.

☀️A rare beautiful day in Chicago ☀️

Mental health is just as important as physical health, and physical fitness plays a huge key in both! I immediately started a whole new fitness program for myself. I have no access to real weights, and I knew atrophy (muscle loss) would soon be kicking in, and it has visibly. I mentally prepared in my own way for this and I’m actually not that distraught in losing muscle mass. There’s more important things I’m focused on and the #SwollLife is not one of them at this time.

☔️ Running in the rain 🏃

I have found a new love in running. I have noticed my endurance getting better as the weeks go by. The pounding on the pavement is also great for the calves! There’s something peaceful yet challenging about running through nature. When I get to my outdoor workout destination, I start my new routine, here are some of my favorites:

Step-Ups: These are great for legs! I find a high step that gives a good stretch. 11-15 step-up reps each leg. 5-7 sets. If you’re someone who is staying indoor, you can use a sturdy chair for these.

Walking Lunges: I LOVE doing these at the lakefront. Sometimes there’s even ducks and birds greeting me =) Make sure your step forward is long enough so your knee doesn’t bend past your toes. These can be done indoor by not walking but going back to starting position then repeat.

Push-Ups! One of the most effective workouts bc it works chest, shoulders & core! You can do these with your hand shaped like a diamond in the center of your chest to target your triceps!

Rocks: These are great for dumbbell replacement while working outdoor! I’ve been using them for shoulder press, shoulder raises and holding a nice size rock to my chest while doing squats!

I have also found a new respect with fitness under this challenging time. It’s literally endless on what you can do outdoors. I’ve even found tree branches I can do pull-ups on!  Try to stay active as much as you can during this time, and be creative! Your Physical & mental health is too important to stay inactive due to fear.

I have recently found an outdoor body weight bars to do pull-ups & ish!

One More Tip: Use a bucket with a nice handle for bicep curls! Fill it with water or can food and beans for weight desired. If you have any questions feel free to email me!

-Lee Gonzalez

🚨🚨The following part of this post is my blatant opinion on our current lives. If you’re a sheep 🐑 Or a brain dead zombie 🧟‍♂️ this may not be for you 🚨🚨

Facebook recently banned me for using the word “f-k” 


The pictures/videos have been taken ove the past 3 weeks or so. In that time I’ve had to endure police yelling at me through a megaphone 📢 to stop working out at the beach. Society sheep looking at me like I’m crazy for even being outside, and I’ve even lost “friends” due to their ignorance of reality. This virus 🦠 is a hoax. You can’t breathe in a virus so all you people wearing mask 😷 look ridiculous. Do not get a vaccine & don’t get tested bc the virus will be in both & them you will get sick. There’s so many sinister agendas going on behind the scene while you’re being programmed 📺 

Imagine your job being yelling at people for being outside at the lake. What does nature have to do with the satanic elites virus agenda? And you’re gonna serve them & go against normal people? Can’t relate 


this world is going to hell & your only safe bet is to look to YHWH & YAHSHUA. I’m not gonna stop working on my health outdoors, Sooo cash me oussside how bout dat!


And it looks like they tried blocking off the body weight bars. Seems like people already tore it off. This is getting ridiculous. Yes I still used it 💪🏼

Stay strong & Stay active 💪🏼🖤

EDIT: April 16, 2020

a loser cop 🐷  kicked me off the lake Again. I Told the loser I’d be back tomorrow, 🐷 said I’d get arrested. This is the world we live in, Nazi 🇺🇸 ❌ At least I got a workout in. 

EDIT: April 22, 2020 

Jump Rope on forbidden 🚫 beach 🏝 

Pushups on a legal part of the lakefront 😂 thank you master government for a place to workout without scoping for 🚓 🐷 


Update: April 26, 2020

Dont let the hoax keep you from living your life!


Update: May 3, 2020 

Create your own gym 💪🏼💙

UPDATE: May 5, 2020

Chicago weather is as bi polar as me, take time to run outdoors even in the cold 🥶



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  1. Jarrett1776 Jay April 13, 2020 — 6:53 pm

    Thank you for the article.

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